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Animation of Jupiter rotation


(Capture on August 11-13, 2010)

Maksutov-Cassegrain Santel D=230mm F=3000mm, barlow 3x. Mount EQ-6.
Filters: Astronomik RGB TYP II, Lumenera SKYnyx2-0 monochrome CCD camera (640x480, 34fps).

Note! The animation can be displayed with some distortions if you are using Internet Explorer,
so it’s better to use other browser (Opera, Firefox) or to save GIF to your computer
and then open it with any viewer (ACDSee, ect..).


You can also see the movie with "musical voice" of Jupiter.


3D-animation (stereopair - parallel eyes)

GIF, 19.7MB



3D-animation (stereopair - cross eyes)

GIF, 19.7MB



3D-animation (Anaglyph)

Red-blue glasses are necessary for viewing the images








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