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Bailly & Hausen (stereopair June 27, 2008 - July 25, 2008)

The region shown is of the craters Bailly and Hausen. As the libration occurs both in latitude and in longitude and on different days we observe different details on the lunar horizon, it is very difficult to adjust the images to each other on the limb. In most cases the images of the limb taken at different nights are not possible to unite into a stereo image. However we have managed to do it. We used the parts of our big mosaics taken on June, 27th and on July, 25th. The orientation of the Moon on the stereo image is defined by the peculiarities of the libration – we cannot turn 3D picture at our desire. On our image the line of the horizon is located in the best way (curves from left to right), that gives a sensation of a flight above the Moon. This is a successful circumstance which we also have owing to the fact that on the horizon on both the photos the identical details are visible. The other successful circumstance is a good libration that slightly opens to us an underside of the Moon. I like to observe the hills behind the craters Drygalski and Boltzmann (higher than the rims of the craters), and also the high hills to the left of Hausen and far behind from Hausen (probably, it is the hills which are situated between Hausen and Petzval on a longitude -102deg).







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